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Vehicle Alignment Services


Anyone mindful of their car maintenance often place auto alignment at the top of their to-do list. Car alignment is one of those aspects to handle with care. If your car’s suspension is out of alignment, then it can cause many unwanted issues. It not only affects your comfort during your drive, but it could also be detrimental to your tires and cause them to wear out faster.

Car alignment services such as alignment repair and adjustment are popular because they are essential. Credible auto repair experts such as General Muffler & Auto Supply widely offer car alignment services in places such as Ansonia CT.

Auto alignment takes care of your car’s suspension and makes sure that the proper adjustment is present within the system. This process balances your vehicle during the drive and also improves your overall ride. It will also adjust your suspension system to the rest of your car and prevent issues such as unwanted vibrations or pressure on your tires.

Auto Alignment in Ansonia CT

The best way to prevent safety hazards is to adjust your car’s suspension through proper alignment services regularly. Credible mechanics at General Muffler & Auto Supply could go through suspension aspects such as camber, toe, and caster smoothly. They could perform targeted alignment where you need it the most.

If you haven’t taken your car for auto alignment for a while, then treat it as a high priority. It is especially pressing if you are facing balance issues with your suspension or tires. 

In addition to prominent balance issues, other signs might also indicate a need for alignment repair services.

You should immediately contact a mechanic if:

  •     You notice uneven or sudden tread wear on your tires.
  •     Your steering wheel keeps turning to either direction.
  •     Your car is pulling itself towards the side while you drive.
  •     Your car is uneven on the road.
  •     You feel unwanted vibrations in your vehicle or steering wheel.

At General Muffler & Auto Supply, our ASE-certified technicians ensure to go through your suspension system thoroughly. With our decades of collective experience in car alignment, we identify any issues in different suspension aspects and take targeted steps to resolve them immediately. 

Car Alignment Adjustment and Repair from General Muffler and Auto Supply

Serving the community since 1945, we pay the utmost attention to provide our clients with high-quality parts and service. We make sure that you are aware of precisely what is happening to your car, while also ensuring its long term safety and performance.

Contact us today at 203-735-6406 or through our form  Let us take care of all the alignment services while you take a break.

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