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All drivers would like to maintain their vehicles for as long as possible. This is unsurprising, with how large an investment buying a vehicle can be. Brake tips are always on the forefront on your mind when thinking about the care of your vehicle.

So how can you maintain your car for longer? We can start here with two key aspects of the vehicle that can be maintained for longer: the brakes and the exhaust.

We can begin first with maintenance and brake tips. First, slow down and provide plenty of space between you and the car ahead of you. The harder you have to brake to stop the car, the quicker the brakes will wear out. Next, start coasting instead of braking. If you get the car’s speed down as far as possible before applying the brakes fully, it will help maintain the life of the brakes.

Moving on to the exhaust system, the two best things you can do to maintain them is to keep them clean and make sure all parts of the exhaust system are running to order. While it doesn’t necessarily mean going off and scrubbing the exhaust pipes down with a toothbrush, making sure that the filters are clear, the front grille doesn’t have detritus possibly blocking air flow, and making sure there isn’t a build-up of soot and other debris in the exhaust pipes.

Next, we can discuss what can be done by you in regards to brake and exhaust maintenance. For brakes, changing the brake pads if necessary is quite easy: lift the car with a jack, remove the calipers that hold the brake pads in place, replace those, then reassemble the calipers and reattach the wheel. All of these things can be found online, with many YouTube videos devoted to showing you how to properly do it.

For the exhaust system, while some maintenance can be done on the exhaust system, much of it should be done by an expert who knows their way around a vehicle. A common DIY fix for your exhaust system is reattaching dangling exhaust pipes and fixing any clamps that have come loose. If there are other problems with the exhaust system, take it to a mechanic or your auto dealership to get it taken care of.

As you can see, there are plenty of things you can do to maintain both the brakes and the exhaust system on your car. Keeping these two components cared for will help maintain the integrity of your vehicle for longer, keeping you in that driver seat for longer.

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