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We all know that feeling: you are driving down the road, minding your own business, and your check engine light comes on. Most commonly, it is a solid indicator, showing that something could be awry in your vehicle. At other times, it is flashing and when it is flashing, it can be terrifying.

So what is the difference between a solid indicator and a flashing one? As it turns out, when you have one, it can be rather benign, but the other needs to be taken care of immediately.

Solid Light

A solid check engine indicator can mean a variety of things, but most commonly these are benign problems. The most commonly occurring reason for the check engine light coming on is that your gas can isn’t on all of the way. It could also mean that your oxygen sensor needs to be replaced. On the other hand, it could mean there is a problem with a whole host of things in the engine, most notably the catalytic converter.

Even though the light isn’t flashing, you should still swing the vehicle by a mechanic, your dealership, or an auto parts store. Each of these has a tool that they can plug in to find the problem and quickly fix it.

Flashing Light

At the same time, the check engine light could be flashing. When it is flashing, to be as short and succinct as possible, get the vehicle into your mechanic immediately. A flashing light means that the engine is misfiring, causing unburned fuel to leak out into the exhaust system. In turn, it leads to the catalytic converter overheating and when the catalytic converter overheats, it will cost you an arm and a leg as it needs to be fixed.

There are tips you can take when the check engine indicator comes on, whether it is solid or blinking. First, check the other indicators next to the light: is the engine’s temperature getting too hot? Is the “change oil” indicator coming on? Next, simply check the gas cap: see if you have tightened it enough.

Either way, you should consider getting the vehicle checked if the light comes on and you can’t figure out the problem. If it is flashing, slow the vehicle down or call a tow truck. Make sure the engine isn’t working too hard. Stay safe, keep the vehicle maintenance in check, and take it to an expert when there is a problem.

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