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It’s as American as apple pie, a tradition for many during their adolescence or your adult years: learning how to change the oil on your car. However, many ask whether they are still able to change the oil on their cars as those automobiles become more advanced and harder to understand.

Every Car Needs an Oil Change

We are here to tell you that even if you are driving the latest BMW or Audi, you can still change your oil.

Just like you learned before, put the car up on a jack, roll underneath and, after pulling the drain plug and letting the old oil flow into a container, replace the oil filter and gasket on the plug if it is needed. Put that back on the tank and refill the oil tank with the proper oil and amount.

The trouble for most people come when the car is more advanced or electric. For the latter, no oil is needed so you shouldn’t have to worry about it. For the former, there are plenty of troubles with luxury vehicles. For one, the parts that go into the engine are radically different from what you have experienced; expertise from the dealership may be necessary. On top of this, luxury vehicles often require you to purchase and use high-priced oils that may only be available at the dealership.

Oftentimes, if you are a luxury vehicle owner, you will want to take it into the dealership for the oil change. However, the dealership changing your oil may be expensive, but if you are an owner of a luxury vehicle, you should have known that the upkeep was going to be expensive. Just like the gas you have to pay more for now that you have the luxury vehicle, the oil and upkeep will be expensive as well.

DIY Tips

Ultimately, if you are going to change the oil on your vehicle, there are some tips. First of all, make sure you use jack stands to lift the car up: using the car jack by itself is too dangerous and doesn’t give you enough room. The second and final tip is to take it to a dealer or mechanic if you have any questions on changing the oil. Unless you know what you are doing, you can cause additional problems than you started with. This can cost you more money than an oil change would cost and can possibly effect your safety, something all of us want to avoid.

Oil Changes in Ansonia, CT

If you’re looking for a reliable service center for your next oil change, General Muffler & Auto Supply has you covered. Conveniently located in Ansonia, CT our technicians provide fast, affordable service that will keep your car running smoothly for years to come. Give us a call today at 203-735-6406 to schedule an appointment.

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