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If you’ve had your car for a while you may have to get an emissions test. Getting the notice in the mail might be scary. You may be wondering what an emissions test is and why you need one. Well, we’ll give you the answer to both of those questions.

What is an emissions test and why do I need one? 

Emissions testing figures out the amount of air pollution coming from your vehicle’s exhaust. The guidelines were originally set up by the federal clean air act of 1990. It set the standard for the number of pollutants allowed in the air. It was set up to improve air quality and protect the environment.

How testing is done 

Emissions testing is done in a few different ways. Every vehicle gets a gas cap pressure check. This makes
sure that your vehicles gas cap keeps fuel vapors in the gas tank. Fuel vapors are a big cause of ground smog and the release of them can lower your gas mileage.

Most vehicles get an on-board diagnostics test. It works on most vehicles that were manufactured from 1996 until today. A scanner is connected to your vehicles on-board computer through a connector that’s usually found under the dashboard. The scanner downloads information to check on the vehicles emissions control equipment.

Another test is the inspection and maintenance test. This is typically done on cars built from 1981 to 1995, and sometimes newer vehicles. The vehicle is driven by an inspector on something that’s like a treadmill called a dynamometer. This simulates road driving conditions and vehicles emissions are captured and analyzed during this process.

The last test is the single idle speed test, which is used for vehicles manufactured from 1976 to 1980. In this emissions testing procedure, a metal probe is placed in the vehicle’s exhaust while the vehicle is idling. This gives the probe information about the vehicle emissions. A sensor is also placed on the hood of the vehicle to check the engine speed. The data from both sensors are combined to check the vehicle’s emissions.

You need to bring your car into an auto repair facility for testing. If you’re in need of emissions testing in Shelton, CT, come to General Muffler and Auto. We can provide you with the test you need and any potential repairs to make sure your vehicle passes the emissions test.

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