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It’s that time of year again! While I am not necessarily talking about summer—because you could be reading this post at any point during the year—but that time of year to change your oil.

This time around, you want to do it on your own. So how do you choose the right, or best, oil for your car?

First things first: only buy oil that has been checked against the standards of the American Petroleum Institute. Oils that have been tested and approved have a stamp on them—most bottles are shaped like a star and say either American Petroleum Institute or API—are the ones you want. The latest stamps carry “SL” on them, meaning the oil has been lab tested in the most recent laboratory experiment.

Next, pull out your owner’s manual. You need to check what the normal temperature range your engine runs at. The normal running temperature corresponds to the viscosity you need in an engine oil. In many cases, both the owner’s manual and the type of oil will provide a table showing the corresponding temperature and viscosity.

Once you understand the viscosity needed, keep that owner’s manual out and handy. This is for a very good reason: the sheer amount of different types of oil in an auto-parts store will leave most people scratching their heads. Many owner’s manuals will tell you what type of oil will work well in the vehicle. This can help you pick the right type of oil for your car once you get into the store.

In fact, there are so many different types of oil that a quick breakdown of the types of oil may be helpful. The first is the full synthetic oil, which tend to be made for higher end engines and tend to last longer. Another type is the premium conventional oil, which is the classic, standard oil that comes with all new cars. Another type is the synthetic blend, which is a mix of synthetic and standard oil (i.e., the oil that comes out of the ground). The provide better protection in vehicles that tow heavier loads and/or run at high temperatures. Finally, there is the higher mileage oil, which—surprise, surprise—should be utilized for cars that run for longer periods.

While these are the obvious pieces of knowledge to consider before changing your oil, there are numerous other factors that go in to the type of oil you should buy.

Engine Maintenance at General Muffler & Auto Supply in Seymour, CT

With how important oil is, it may be a good idea to consult an expert to find the best oil for you! Come on down and visit General Muffler & Auto Supply in Seymour, CT for your engine oil and engine maintenance needs! Click Here to contact us!

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