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Summer is upon us! We have finally come out of our long, dreary, winter slumber and are ready to hit the road. But before we do so, we should probably do some things to our trusty automobiles before hitting the road.

The first, and most important thing to do is check your tires. After the punishment they received from the ice, snow, and salt, the tires’ treads may have worn down to the point that they need to be replaced. How worn is too worn? Do the penny test! Simply take a penny, flip Abe upside down, and place him in a tread. On tires whose treads are still good, the top of Lincoln’s head should disappear. If you can see his entire head, you need to replace the tire.

Move next to your brakes. As a rule, winter driving tends to be a bit easier on the brakes as you are naturally driving slower. In the summer, though, drivers tend to go faster, much faster. If speed kills, speeding with brakes that don’t stop your car in time kills even quicker. Replace those pads, especially if you plan on driving after a sudden turn of weather: the change in temperature can affect the pads themselves!

Next, check your coolant levels. To check the levels of coolant in your system, a coolant tester—a cheap, readily available tool at any car parts store—can tell you if levels that are in the radiator tank need to be adjusted. Many of these testers also tell you which elements—either the water or ethylene glycol—needs to be added.

Fluids and the little things can be checked and replaced pretty easily. Check your oil, your brake fluid, transmission fluid, and refill those that need to be refilled to. Take the time as well to check your windshield wipers. After a winter of punishing weather, wiping away the salt, ice, and snow from your windshield, your wipers will probably be degraded. Before hitting the road, check that all of your lights are working properly. These are all minor items that can be fixed pretty quickly!

After checking these four things—tires, brakes, coolant levels, and other minor fixes—you’re just about ready to hit the road. But to enjoy that first drive in summer weather, you might want to give your car a wash. All of that salt from the road can make it look terrible, and there is nothing better than driving a clean, well-oiled (both metaphorically and literally) machine as you drive across America! If you need a little help prepping your car for the great summer journey then visit General Muffler & Auto Supply today! Click Here to contact us!

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