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Are there problems with your vehicle? Have you gone through the internet with the symptoms from your vehicle, attempting to pinpoint the problem?

After narrowing those options down, have you come to the understanding that there is a problem with your transmission, a problem that needs a repair?

If so, bravo! If you can’t seem to find the answers to your questions, here are some major signs that tell you that your vehicle needs a transmission repair. Hopefully, this gets to you prior to anything major happening to the transmission and you can get the problem fixed before it spirals out control.

Check the Gears

The first problem to look out for involves your gears. If you feel the gears shifting without any reason, it jerks when it shifts gears, or it shakes when it is shifting, then there is a problem with the transmission. When this problem begins to occur, you need to get the vehicle in quickly to a mechanic to fix the issue.

Is it Noisy?

Another commonly occurring sign that your transmission needs to be repaired is the noise that occurs when a transmission system is malfunctioning. Usually, there is a whining, a buzzing, or a clunking noise, particularly when the car is in neutral. Though these noises can be caused by other issues with the vehicle, you should take it in to your mechanic or auto dealership to get it checked out.

Check Your Transmission Fluid!

If you are more familiar with the ins-and-outs of an engine, you may want to check the transmission fluid itself. Normal transmission fluid begins as a red color and as time goes by, it turns steadily darker, with brown being the color of transmission fluid that needs to be changed. However, if you check it and it is black, the transmission is shot. This is because the fluid is being heated too much, meaning there is a problem in the parts that ensure the engine stays at a constant temperature without getting too hot. Again, if you find this, take the vehicle into the shop.

These are the most common signs that a transmission has gone bad and that it needs to be repaired. Unless you have the expertise and the requisite knowledge, don’t try to fix the transmission by yourself: you could end up either making the problem worse or breaking something else on the vehicle, which will cost you more in the long run. Moreover, if you are unsure that the problem is one with the transmission, take it in to get checked out regardless!

Transmission Repair in Shelton, CT

Leave the dirty work to the professional vehicle techs at General Muffler & Auto Supply for your next transmission repair. Call us today or click here to contact us about scheduling your appointment!

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