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Brakes have come a long way since the Model T. We’ve had advancements in auto supplies like anti-lock brakes and other technology that allow the driver to stop faster. This technology is constantly evolving even today. Here are some advancements in braking technology.


Autonomous Emergency Braking

Cars now have the ability to detect when pedestrians are crossing or when the car in front of you is slowing down. The car can tell if you’re too close to either one of these and brake for you. This technology is still in its infancy and new advancements are coming. Car companies are developing sensors, cameras and algorithms to help with this. The sensors and cameras take in information about everything that’s going on around the car. The algorithm then interprets the data and lets the car when to brake, because of impending danger. This starts the braking process quicker than a human would. This is especially great as people get more and more distracted by their devices. These precious seconds can mean the difference in stopping an accident or turning a major accident into a minor fender bender.


Magnetic Brakes

They’re still not out yet, but people are working on magnetic car breaks. The advantage of using magnetic car brakes is that they wouldn’t decrease in efficiency over time like conventional brake do. Conventional brakes use friction in order to stop. The repeated frictions wears the components down over time, and as the wear down the brakes don’t work as well. This means that conventional braking components need to be replaced more often than magnetic brakes. They would also be easier to fix and replace.


Regenerative Brakes

Regenerative brakes are used on many electric and hybrid vehicles. Regenerative brakes take the energy created from friction in braking and repurpose it to help power the car. In simpler terms every time you brake in a car with regenerative brakes, the car uses some of that energy to recharge the battery. This extends the life of the braking system and helps the car run more efficiently.


Air Brakes

Air brakes have been around for a while but they’re being repurposed and advanced high end sports cars like the Bugatti Veyron are using air brakes to help stop the car. A large spoiler snaps up at 55 degree angle when the brakes are applied at speeds of 120 mph. The air generated by the spoiler helps the sports car stop.

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