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Did you know that when you show your car some love it loves you back? That’s right! When you do the regular vehicle maintenance on your vehicle, your car improves on gas mileage. That’s like a two in one reward! Overall vehicle maintenance will extend the life of your car, help it to run better and will improve the resale value as well, not to mention what you save on repair bills. Now doing your routine vehicle maintenance will save you money on gas too! Here’s what you need to do:

Clean your mass air flow sensor. This sensor controls the amount of fuel that goes into the system as well as when the transmission shifts. It measures the air that comes into the engine to tell the car’s computer system when and how to send the fuel into the system. When the sensor is dirty it isn’t accurate so the information it sends impacts the fuel used.

Replace your oxygen sensor. You might not think that you need to before it wears out, but it does a similar job to the mass air flow sensor. The data needs to be accurate of when it sends the information to the computer, the fuel injection level may be off. If your vehicle is over 100,000 miles than you will want to think about replacing it.

Change those spark plugs! You knew that one was coming! The spark plugs work with the fuel and air mixture in the engine. New and high quality spark plugs will get your engine running smoother and cleaner. Smoother means less gas which means less money for you!

Change your air filter. This is probably the easiest part of car maintenance that you can do. In fact, it is also one of the cheapest things to do as well. You can opt for a reusable filter which you can clean and reuse again and again. Now that’s another way to save money!

Fill your tires, or not. You need to check on the recommended air level for your tires. Because tires are such an important part of vehicle maintenance, you’ll want to keep your tires in good condition. Replace them when the time comes but until then, keep them at the optimum amount of air pressure. This will not only get you better gas mileage but will help your tires have a longer live.

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