Steering & Suspension

Steering & Suspension Repair

Problems with your steering and suspension leads to reduced handling, less comfort and a greater risk of accidents.

The system that makes up your steering and suspension contains numerous components which all take repeated bumps, shocks and wear over time.  When problems start emerging it’s important to get them checked out to maintain the safety and comfort of you, your passengers and those around you.


Signs of Steering & Suspension Trouble

There are numerous problems that can occur with your steering and suspension, sometimes these are clear such as no power steering assistance, or pulling to one side.  Other times you may need to pay close attention, such as checking your tires for wear or listening out for sounds that don’t seem right.

Power steering difficulties

Problems with your power steering can range from no power assist and rigid and unresponsive steering to grinding and squealing sounds when turning the wheel.

Uncommon Tire Wear

If one or more tires is wearing faster than the others, or is appearing underinflated compared to the others than you may have an issue with your wheel alignment, or suspension.

Vehicle pulls to one side

This is commonly caused by wheel alignment problems.  It can make handling difficult and unpredictable so don’t wait around if you notice this, call for a wheel alignment checkup.

Vibrations when shifting gears

This indicates a problem with your transmission, and though there are a number of potential causes, one of them is worn shocks in your suspension.

These are just some of the problems you may experience. As a general rule however, if your concerned, and something doesn’t seem right then there’s no harm in getting it checked out.  The mechanics at General Muffler will always be upfront and honest and advise you if there is any need for concern.

If your vehicle doesn’t handle the same as normal, or presents unusual sounds then don’t hesitate in scheduling an inspection of your steering and suspension system.  Diagnosing problems early can help to prevent possible accidents, and worsening of damaged components.



Call for a Steering & Suspension Service Today

The steering and suspension systems in today’s vehicles are very complex, with numerous components from power steering to coil springs, shock absorbers and more.  As it is to integral to your driving safety you want to be sure that any work done is completed by a trusted technician.

The auto technicians at General Muffler & Auto Repair are trained to the highest standards, including those set by the ASE (Automotive Service Excellence), NAPA and the AAA.

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