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There isn’t much worse than driving during inclement weather and your windshield wipers doing a terrible job. This reduced visibility can cause anything from anxiety to legitimate dangers to your safety.

So when should you change your wipers?

Let’s start with the easiest answer: change the windshield wipers at the end of each season or the beginning of each new season. Throughout those three months of driving, your windshield wipers go through a variety of conditions that can cause the rubber portion to break down. Even if you didn’t get a lot of rain or didn’t get a lot of snow, the air blowing against them while driving and the sun beating down on them for hours at a time can cause that wear and tear.

Sometimes, windshield wipers wear out prior to the changing of seasons. The thing you should be keeping an eye out for is streaking. Everyone knows this effect: you turn the windshield wipers on, and instead of clearing the windshield, it leaves streaks along it, blocking the view. This streaking can come from parts of the rubber on your wipers wearing down, causing an uneven wipe. Streaking often occurs in the winter, when the buildup of ice, snow, and the effects of cold weather can break down the rubber.

Oddly enough, signs that the wiper is breaking down can be seen before major streaking occurs. Most of the breakdown of the wipers begins near the bottom of the rubber, causing streaks to begin at the bottom and moving up. This can cause a variety of other effects as well, including a scraping sound and, when checking the wipers, the rubber can remove.

Most mechanics suggest replacing the wiper blades twice a year. Some mechanics suggest that the wipers only need to be replaced once a year.

Our suggestion is that you check them multiple times throughout the year. Simply lifting and checking the wipers to see if there is any breakdown can prevent problems in the long run.

To keep the wipers in good condition for a longer period, there are steps that you can take. If you live in a colder climate, prop your windshield wipers up to prevent snow and ice from sticking the rubber to the windshield—you having to peel it off can cause damage. In warmer environments and seasons, invest in a car port or put the car in the garage to keep it from the sun.

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