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While it is true that vehicles that were made 10 or more years ago need more maintenance than the cars of today, that doesn’t mean you can just let your car go without any kind of upkeep. Vehicle maintenance is important to ensure it keeps running well. Here are the top five parts on your vehicle to maintain.

The Engine

The engine is the heart of any vehicle. There are several engine parts that need regular maintenance, and without it your car will suffer greatly. You need to change the oil roughly every three months. On your next vehicle maintenance visit we can tell you what your car specifically requires. Also, there are three filters that should be changed when you change the oil: oil, air, and fuel. Also, be sure to check the spark plugs and the spark plug wires.

The Brakes

Obviously, brakes are an important part of your vehicle, because if they are not functioning properly, your vehicle will not stop correctly. You certainly don’t want to wait until you hear your brakes squeak or feel them grind before you maintain them. It is important to have the brakes checked on a regular basis to ensure you’re safe on the road.

The Tires

The life expectancy of your tires will vary, however as a rule of thumb, the tires on most vehicles will last between 40,000 to 50,000 miles. This doesn’t mean that tires can’t and won’t go flat, though. It is important to check the tire tread on a regular basis. If you notice that the ridges seem to be smaller or the tire looks “bald”, then it may be time to get new tires.

The Battery 

The battery in your vehicle is responsible for making sure your vehicle starts. On a regular basis, you need to ensure your vehicle’s battery is clean so that it charges correctly. Also, be sure the battery is secured so that it does not vibrate.

The Lights 

The lights on your vehicle are an important aspect, so you need to ensure that all the lights are working correctly. You want to ensure the headlights, brake lights, reverse lights and turn signals are working on a regular basis. Having a light out on your vehicle could mean an increase in an accident or the likelihood of getting a ticket.

Vehicle Maintenance from General Muffler & Auto Supply

As you can see, vehicle maintenance is a huge part of car ownership. Make sure to get your vehicle serviced regularly. Doing so will allow your mechanic to inform you of what your car may need repaired. Contact General Muffler & Auto Supply today for your vehicle maintenance needs in Derby, CT!

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