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There’s more than a few tips out there for keeping your vehicle in top condition. But there are some things that will seriously damage your brakes and get you on the hook for some premature or expensive repairs. Here’s a few things to NOT do in your vehicle so you can avoid needing a brake repair.

#1 Sudden acceleration and braking.

When you want to go fast and show just how far your car really is, it can be fun and exciting to slam the gas and peal out as quickly as possible. The problem is that when you are doing this on the road (and not at the track) there’s only so much room to stop in. That means you’re going to be slowing down quickly or even slamming on your brakes to be able to stop in time. Not only are you going to be using up much more fuel than you really need, but those hard stops will stress your braking system. You may also be wearing out your pads and rotors sooner than you’d even thought possible.

#2 Riding the brakes.

When you are driving down a steep incline or a curvy road, have you seen other cars driving with their brakes on? They are “riding the brakes” which means coasting down the road or freeway with their foot on the brake the whole way. This is bad for a variety of reasons. First they are setting themselves up for the brakes to actually fail. Even a small amount of pressure on the brake pad will cause the pads to come into contact with the rotors or drums. When you drive with your foot on the brake, you build up a lot of heat in the brakes. This makes them much less responsive and wears out the components quicker.

#3 Never flushing your brake fluid.

If you have an all-new braking system and are running old fluid through it you aren’t doing yourself any favors. Flushing out your old brake fluid and replacing it is an easy way to keep the maintenance done on your vehicle and avoid a brake repair.

Brake Repair at General Muffler and Auto Supple in Seymour, CT!

After reading this are you convinced you’ve broken all three rules and now might be in need of  brake repairs? Come on in and let us take a look! We will assure you that it’s either all in your head or your vehicle could use some new brakes. Contact us today to set up your appointment!

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