ASE Certified Mechanics

ASE Certified Auto Repair Shop in Ansonia, CT 

The ASE certified mechanics at General Muffler & Auto Supply provide optimal care and service for virtually any vehicle needing repairs or an annual checkup. As certified professionals through the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, we can back up our promise to deliver the very best repair services for you vehicle. 

The ASE certification is a national test for auto mechanics. Mechanics all over the United States can test for certification. ASE certification considers automobile standards in every state. California’s strict emission standard is an example. California’s standards are higher than any other state. Mechanics must show they are proficient to the highest standards. This means they meet California standards nationwide. This is over and above individual state standards. The discrepancy between the standards of the individual states helps ASE create tests that return honest results about an auto mechanics overall knowledge and skills.

ASE Certified Mechanic

The ASE is voluntary. Mechanics choose to qualify and pay for both the training and the test itself. Only the most professional mechanics choose to go through the expense and rigor.

Benefits of Using Our ASE Certified Mechanics

There are numerous benefits to using an ASE certified To fix your car or truck. Among them are:

  • ASE certification assures the consumer that they are working with a highly trained technician.
  • When the mechanic is ASE certified, they are familiar with any vehicles, and the model year. They are qualified to fix almost any vehicle.
  • You have more options than just car dealerships to choose from when finding an ASE certified mechanic in the Derby, Ansonia area.
  • You’re using a mechanic that is knowledgeable, allowing you to save time and money on repairs you might have considered doing on yourself.

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