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Exhaust Repairs Stressing You Out?

Is your car a lot more noisy than you think it should be? Do you need exhaust repair? It doesn’t have to be a project! In fact, it is easy to get your exhaust repaired if you do it smart. But what does doing it smart really mean?

Be aware.

Because the exhaust system keeps that toxic gas out of the cabin you’ll want to make sure it is doing its job correctly. The exhaust system takes the fumes from your engine and out the designated tail pipe. If you have holes or leaks in your system then you’ll want to get this taken care of right away.

Know when to bring it in.

A damaged exhaust system can result in loud noises while driving. Also, if your exhaust system is not properly mounted then it can hit, bang or be damaged while driving. Ever seen a muffler or exhaust system hanging way below where it should be? That’s the result of the mounting becoming loose or failing. Think of the exhaust system as a large and long grouping of different parts. Sometimes parts come apart from each other, there may be a hole or a small leak. Whatever the issue may be, we can fix that!

If you hear a vibrating sound when you are driving your vehicle, it may have an exhaust problem. You can bring it in for a free estimate to get the issue checked out. Not all exhaust systems need to be placed – many can be simply be repaired.

Realize it’s okay!

If you bring your vehicle in when it is just starting to have issues, you may save yourself a more costly repair down the road. If you have a small leak, we can fix that. If you have a small hole, we may be able to repair that as well. Parts coming apart? Loosely hanging? Yes, we can do it all. If you come in before your vehicle’s system is too far gone, we can most likely repair most damage and help you avoid a bigger repair.

Exhaust Repairs at General Muffler and Auto Supply in Woodbridge, CT!

If you think that you’re having problems with your car’s exhaust and you’re stressing out, RELAX! Bring your car to General Muffler and Auto Supply ands we will take it out of your hands. Our mechanics in Woodbridge, CT will repair your exhaust in a jiffy and you’ll be out the door in no time! Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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