Oil Change Service

Oil Change Service

Is it time for an oil change? 

Maybe your dashboard has a warning light that’s come on or you just know it’s been a while since your last change.   Drop by General Muffler & Auto Supply for a stress-free, affordable and dependable service from approved and locally rated mechanics.

Don’t wait! Your Car Will Thank You.

Don’t wait around, our oil change is quick, convenient and affordably priced.  You can soon drive away with the confidence that keeping your vehicle in good health; your car will thank you.

Oil changes are one of the most important things you can do to maintain your vehicle.  They help to protect the engine with fresh oil that lubricates and insulates engine parts.  This clean oil leads to a more efficient engine that wears out less and gets more miles for your money.

When to Schedule an Oil Change?

  • When your vehicle tells you to
  • When your oil is dark colored (dipstick test)
  • When the oil is low (dipstick test)
  • When your manufacturer tells you to
  • When you’ve not had a change for some months

The best way to know when you should change your oil is with the dipstick test.  Other than that you should schedule an oil change when your manufacturer recommends it; just check your vehicle handbook.   Ignore the myths that you should change it every “3000 miles”, “5000 miles” or some other figure.  Every vehicle is different and either way mileage isn’t always the best indicator, as age plays a crucial role as well.

If you don’t drive many miles then you should still be scheduling an oil change at least once per year.  If you don’t the oil can thicken, congeal and become less effective at protecting the engine from friction and extreme temperatures, this is when performance starts to drop.

The Engine Oil That’s Right For Your Vehicle

Synthetic, conventional, high mileage.  You may have heard that one type of engine oil is better than another.  Again this is a myth since every vehicle works differently and everyone has their own driving style.  Always follow the manufacturer and use the engine oil recommended in the vehicle handbook.  

Most of the time conventional oil is best and premium oils are unnecessary.  If you are unsure and would like further assistance speak to one of our staff.

Have confidence in our service

General Muffler and Auto Supply has been changing people’s engine oil since 1950.  

The repair shop has gained a reputation for affordable, dependable auto services and subscribes to the highest industry standards.

As an AAA Approved Auto Repair shop and NAPA Auto Care Center, General Muffler works to these policies and more:

  • Perform high-quality diagnostic and repair services at a fair price, using quality NAPA parts.
  • Employ ASE-certified technicians in all areas of work performed.
  • Be dedicated to customer satisfaction.
  • Exercise reasonable care for the customer’s property while it is in the shop’s possession.
  • Provide a system for fair settlement of customer complaints, should they occur.
  • Maintain the highest standards of the automotive service profession.
General Muffler has also built a solid reputation among the Ansonia, CT community and customers in the surrounding towns: Woodbridge, Orange, Shelton etc..

Call to Schedule Your Oil Change

Ready for your oil change?  Not sure if you need a change or not?  Give us a call: (203) 735-6406, or visit us in person at 670 Main St. Ansonia, CT 06401.

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