Engine Diagnostics

Few things can be more worrisome than the sight of “Check Engine” light looming on your car’s instrument panel. Not only do you not quite know the severity of the problem your engine is experiencing, but you’re bracing yourself for a costly and time-consuming repair. Don’t panic- the pros at General Muffler & Auto Supply have got you covered! Our engine diagnostics are performed by highly-skilled, ASE certified technicians who can effectively pinpoint the problem and give you recommendations for repair. For quality engine diagnostic services in Orange, CT, you can’t beat General Muffler & Auto Supply!

How is an engine diagnostic performed?

When your car’s “Check Engine” light comes on, one or more of the computers in your vehicle will retain a specific trouble code. The Diagnostic Trouble Code, or DTC, directs the technician to an area of the engine where testing is required to determine the source of the issue, but it takes the skill and expertise of the service team, as well as our state-of-the-art testing equipment, to really get to the heart of the problem and make an accurate engine diagnosis.

Engine Diagnostics

These codes are stored only when four or five different criteria are met, which means your service technician has to check all of them before he or she can make an accurate diagnosis of your engine trouble.

How long does an engine diagnostic take?

In most cases, your vehicle can have the engine diagnostic testing performed within one hour, and repair work can be started the same day! Schedule an appointment with General Muffler & Auto Supply for your engine diagnostic so you can be sure we can fit you in.

Do I have to get the recommended repair work done once the diagnostic results show the problem? You don’t have to do anything, but we recommend getting your vehicle’s engine repaired as soon as possible to avoid much more serious problems in the future. You are always welcome to take time to think about any engine repairs we have recommended and even comparison shop- just remember, the team at General Muffler prides itself on top-quality workmanship, elite customer service and a tradition of excellence in Connecticut engine repair dating back to 1945.

Call for Your Engine Diagnostic Today

If your car’s “Check Engine” light is on, or if your vehicle is driving erratically, now’s the time to stop into General Muffler & Auto Supply for an engine diagnostic. We proudly serve clients in the Orange, CT area. Call today to schedule your appointment with a friendly General Muffler representative.

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