Tire Replacement

Tire Replacement

Need new tires in Ansonia CT?

Your tires contribute to both the comfort and safety of your car. At General Muffler & Auto Supply, we are glad to provide you with dependable tire replacement services, and the finest in new and used tires around Ansonia, CT.

  • Tires for every time of the year and every type of road condition.
  • Quality tires from leading brands, including Coopertires
  • Honest advice about the best tires for you

Enjoy a smooth ride on wheels you trust.  We sell tires that respond to your direction with accuracy and dependable grip. 


How do I know I need Tire Replacement?

There are several signs that it might be time to replace your tires.  As your only contact with the road it’s important to look after them and always be vigilant when things aren’t right.

Vehicle pulls to one side

This can suggest an underinflated or worn tire on one side; though it can also indicate a problem with your brakes and wheel alignment.

Vibration / thumping 

Can be caused by an unbalanced tire possibly with a flat spot or a separated belt.

Low tread depth

The US Department of Transportation recommends a minimum of 2/32 of an inch tire depth when measured in a major tread groove.  This is best measured around the central circumference of the tire.

Visual damage 

Cuts and tears in the sidewall or bulges are all indications that you need to replace your tires sooner rather than later.


AAA testing has shown that tires with only half of their tread depth can take up 6 feet longer to stop from 40 miles-per-hour on a wet surface, even with the antilock braking system engaged.


The AAA recommends these maintenance tips to extend the life of your tires:

• Recognize Noises/Vibrations –  If you notice any new and unusual noises or vibrations (especially after hitting a pothole), your tires should be inspected asap.

• Alignment – Vehicles rarely stay perfectly aligned, potholes, bumps and sidewalks can all cause misalignment, which leads to instability and irregular tire wear.

• Rotation – A four-wheel tire rotation is recommended by most tire manufacturers after every 6,000 miles. Rotating tires every other oil change is an easy way to keep track of this service.

• Inspection –  Check your tire pressure at least once per month, Check the tires for cracking, bulges, slices and bubbles.  Don’t ignore any damage to your tires, if you think they may be worn get them checked out.  Many good tire shops will inspect your tires for free, and only replace them if it’s necessary to do so.


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Tire Replacement Services you can Trust

Because we work with leading tire brands, such as Cooper, you can be assured they will be of the utmost in quality and performance. 

As an AAA Approved Auto Repair shop our technicians recommend customers the best and most appropriate tires for their vehicle and budget; ensuring: performance, long tire life, and good traction.

Just as important as the quality of your tires is the manner in which they are installed. Count on the ASE-certified technicians of General Muffler & Auto Supply to provide dependable tire replacement and in a timely manner. We use computerized balancing as well as wheel alignment services. All of this is yours at honest and competitive rates.


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