Ansonia Car Tune-Up Service

Why a tune-up?

To keep all systems running smoothly on your car, routine maintenance is key. Over time, the wear and tear on your car from daily use adds up, causing damage to your engine, wheel bearings, and drive train. Fortunately, regularly-scheduled vehicle tune-ups can keep everything in working order and maintain your car’s good health. Most vehicle manufacturers and automobile experts recommend a routine tune-up once every 30,000 miles (or roughly once every two years). A tune-up not only keeps your car running at peak performance but can alert your mechanic to any potential red flags that may need to be addressed before they cause trouble. At General Muffler & Auto Supply, we are proud to offer quality routine tune-ups performed by caring, highly-trained ASE certified service technicians to our Derby, CT customers at an affordable price.

What is included in a routine tune-up?

Think of a tune-up as a checkup for your car. Our certified and highly-experienced service technicians will check your car’s various parts and systems, taking care of any fluids and filters that need replacing, and inspecting your car’s battery, belts and hoses, and wheel bearings. Taking your car in for routine tune-ups can prevent the type of mechanical issues that cause major problems in your engine, transmission, power steering and brake function.

Quality service at affordable prices

At General Muffler & Auto Supply, we believe that you shouldn’t have to break the bank to get top-quality auto service. Our reliable staff of certified trained specialists are able to effectively and affordably diagnose and repair issues on virtually every make and model of car or truck. If we spot an issue during your tune-up, we’ll let you know all about it and provide a FREE estimate for repair. You can count on the service team at General Muffler & Auto Supply to give honest estimates and recommendations for your vehicle’s service and repair. We do it all with the utmost customer care!

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Your car is an important part of your life, and treating it right with routine tune-ups can add years to its life. If you think it might be time for a tune-up, we’re here for you! General Muffler & Auto Supply proudly provides quality auto repairs to customers in Ansonia, CT and the surrounding areas. We are committed to exceeding your expectations for first-class service and efficiency. Why wait? Call General Muffler & Auto Supply today to schedule an appointment for your car’s tune-up

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