Auto Electric Repair

Auto Electric Repair

Modern cars are full of complex electrical systems which keep you safely on the road.  The electrics power important components such as the starter, alternator, battery, power steering, sensors and more depending on the age and complexity of your vehicle.

When you have electrical faults you need a professional diagnosis to determine the precise electrical repair you need. A technician with the right experience and diagnostics tool can often quickly determine electrical faults and put them right for you.


Do you need an electrical service?

  • Difficulty starting your car
  • Lights dimmer than usual
  • Headlights darken at low speeds
  • Dashboard lights not showing properly


Electrical Faults we Can Repair

  • Alternators
  • Dashboard guages
  • Door locking
  • Computer issues
  • Light problems
  • Sensor problems
  • Starter problems
  • Weak battery
  • and much more..

If your particular electrical issue isn’t listed here, don’t worry, we have seen it.

We have the expertise and equipment to diagnose any electrical issue in your vehicle. When you visit Mattie’s Service Center, we’ll check the integrity of your vehicle’s battery as well as any component that may be having problems.

Start With an Expert Diagnosis

The electrical systems in today’s vehicles are very complex, they require extensive training to source, diagnose and repair the problem correctly.

General Muffler & Auto Repair has the electrical diagnosis equipment to diagnose most electrical vehicles you may have with your vehicle.  Technicians are ASE certified and trained to the latest standards and procedures.

When you have concerns with your vehicle’s electrics, we can check the integrity of your battery and other components, quickly advising you on whether repairs or replacements are needed.


Preventing electrical problems with your battery

Dead batteries are one of the most common causes of breakdown in the US.  With time car batteries lose capacity, become weaker and their ability to power things like the starter motor, alternator etc.. diminishes.  

On average car batteries last between 3-5 years, a timescale backed by the (AAA).  If you haven’t had your battery checked or replaced for some time, you may want to speak to your local auto electric technician to keep ahead of any potential problems.


Schedule an Auto Electric Repair or Service

Do you have concerns with your vehicle’s electrical system?  Trust in the top-rated, ASE and AAA approved technicians at General Muffler & Auto Repair in Ansonia, CT. 

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