How to Replace Your Windshield Wiper Blades

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Replacing windshield wiper blades is a cinch if you know the steps you need to take for a successful installation. At General Muffler & Auto Supply in Ansonia, CT, we can perform a wide variety of auto repair services for you or provide you with guidance and top quality products so you can fix it yourself. In line with our commitment to assist clients with do-it-yourself repairs, here are the 4 steps that describe how to replace your windshield wiper blades.

1. Call General Muffler & Auto Supply for windshield wiper blades. Many windshield wiper blades are universal, which means they can fit several different makes and models. Though, you must be certain the product you are buying is made to fit your particular vehicle and suits your needs, such as traditional blades versus winter blades. Also, you should replace both blades at the same time as normal wear and tear will lead to deterioration of the rubber leading to streaking and squeaking. If one blade is bad, the other will also need replacement in the near future. Call our helpful staff at (203) 735-6406 and let us check our comprehensive database to see which brands of windshield wiper blades can be installed on your vehicle.

2. Before leaving our auto parts store, be certain you have the tools you need to complete the windshield wiper replacement. Some windshield wiper blades may require the use of a screwdriver, while others can be clicked in without the need for additional tools.

3. Remove the old windshield wiper blades. Depending on the type and age of windshield wiper blades currently installed on your vehicle, you may need a screwdriver to remove the blades. Be careful not to scratch your vehicle or the windshield with the screwdriver and do not let the windshield wiper arm to hit the windshield without a blade attached.

4. Install the new windshield wiper blades. On the package, there will be clear instructions on how to install your particular windshield wiper blade, which will either be screwed or locked in.

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