What is a Napa AutoCare Center?

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Have you seen an auto repair shop mention that they’re NAPA AutoCare Center? What does it mean? General Muffler is proud to be a Napa AutoCare Center and believe that this association is in the best interests of our customers and here’s why:

NAPA is a network of professional auto shops that offer auto repair services and replacement parts. These auto shops subscribe to a strict code of ethics in which every member agrees to have ASE-certified technicians, uphold utmost integrity, and perform high-quality auto repair services at the best price, using premium quality NAPA parts. NAPA AutoCare centers are also required to make customer satisfaction their top priority.

Alongside adhering to a strict code of ethics, NAPA AutoCare Centers should have their technicians trained on an ongoing basis to guarantee quality service. Furthermore, they are peer-reviewed shops, and they believe in giving back to their communities.

Why Choose a Napa AutoCare Center?

They employ licensed and experienced technicians

NAPA AutoCare Centers are the most trusted when it comes to auto repairs and parts & accessories. These centers employ ASE certified technicians with unrivaled expertise and experience to give customers the best service. Their technicians have passed the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence tests, so you can be sure that you’re working with qualified technicians. At General Muffler & Auto Supply, we’ve built our reputation on working with certified technicians. You can trust us on all matters to do with auto repair and replacement auto parts.

They offer premium quality auto replacement parts

Every NAPA AutoCare Center is known for providing high-quality replacement auto parts. Moreover, they sell their replacement auto parts at the best price. If you’re tired of getting scammed by unscrupulous auto dealers offering substandard replacement parts, it’s time you start buying your parts from a NAPA AutoCare Center.

They offer warranty on their repair services and replacement parts

All NAPA AutoCare Centers offer warranty on their replacement parts and repair service for 2 years or 24,000 miles. With their warranty, you can have your car serviced at more than 14,000 locations across the U.S.

Founded on integrity, qualifications, and expertise

NAPA AutoCare Centers have a reputation for upholding utmost integrity, alongside having highly skilled and qualified technicians. For an auto shop to become a NAPA AutoCare Center, they must meet high standards of professionalism. It is only the best of the best that are invited to join the NAPA family. Therefore, any NAPA AutoCare Center guarantees professional auto repair service.

If you’re looking for a trusted auto repair shop in Ansonia, CT, it’s in your best interest to work with a NAPA AutoCare Center like General Muffler & Auto Supply. We are a one-stop-shop for a wide range of auto repair services, including brake repair, engine repair, electrical repair, tire replacement, radiator repair, air conditioning service, emissions testing, and many more. We’ve consistently received positive reviews from most of our customers who are fully satisfied with the quality of our services.

We also offer a wide range of auto replacement parts such as antifreeze, auto waxes, batteries, brake pads, motor oils, fuses, belts, air fresheners, and many more. We are simply the #1 auto parts store in Ansonia, CT.

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