5 Tips to Keep Your Car Cool In Summer

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Summertime is here, and with it comes the high temperatures and long, sunny days. All this sunshine spells fun for everyone- until you get back into your car and burn your hands on the steering wheel! Here are a few of the best tips for keeping your car cool this summer.

  1. A blanket statement– Draping blankets over the seats while your car is parked will shield your seats from direct sunlight, which means that you won’t burn the backs of your legs on a hot leather seat when you get in. You can also use blankets to shade front and rear windshields to cut down on the amount of sunlight entering the vehicle while it is parked.
  2. Something shady– Sunshades are a popular way to block the intensity of the sun entering your car. They are available in a variety of styles, including metallic, which can help reflect the sun’s rays away from the inside of the car. Sunshades are relatively inexpensive and easy to install when you park your car.
  3. Get yourself covered– When possible, always try to opt for covered parking during the hot summer months. It may cost a little extra at times, but it is well worth it to be rewarded with a nice, cool car to hop back into at the end of the outing.
  4. Water works– Upon returning to your vehicle on a hot day, take the time to wipe down your steering wheel, gearshift and seat belt buckles with water. This will instantly carry some of the heat away from the hot parts, leaving you free to buckle your seatbelt and drive without burning your hands.
  5. Go solar– If you want to get high-tech about it, go for a solar car vent. These handy devices use a small solar panel which powers a fan that helps transfer hot air outside while taking cooler outside air in.

Of course, on a scorching summer day, nothing beats good old A/C to keep you cool. If your vehicle is having issues with air conditioning, General Muffler & Auto Supply can help. We offer quality A/C repair services at affordable prices for all makes and models in the Seymore, CT area. Don’t let another sweltering summer go by without A/C relief- contact General Muffler & Auto Supply today at (203) 735-6406 to schedule a service appointment.

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