5 Benefits of a Timely Oil Change

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Benefits of a timely oil change

Changing engine oil at regular intervals may seem like an inconvenience but it can help your vehicle in more ways than one. It not only helps in getting the best fuel efficiency and performance from your vehicle, but also enhances the life of the engine. Moreover, it adds to the resale value of your vehicle. Here are the top reasons why you should change your engine oil regularly.

Engine efficiency

Regular oil change keeps your engine clean and enhances its performance. Oil carries particles, dirt and other small pieces of debris as it flows into the engine. With time, sludge begins accumulating inside the engine. Also, over time, oil breaks down due to heat exposure and loses its viscosity and ability to lubricate the cylinder walls. The dirtier the oil is, more difficult it is to reach where it needs to. Oil also helps draw heat from the engine parts, but when it is dirty, the parts tend to stay hot for long. All this affects the performance and efficiency of the engine. By replacing filters and changing the engine oil regularly, engine efficiency can be maintained and enhanced.

Protects other engine parts

There are many key parts inside the engine such as the craft shaft, connecting rod, piston, and others which make it run. Engine components generate a lot of heat as they move at high speed. Clean engine oil maintains proper lubrication, and moving parts create very little friction. This avoids overheating of the engine components. Changing the engine oil regularly makes sure these components are working efficiently.

Increases engine’s lifespan

Engine oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. It protects the engine by maintaining proper lubrication. Unclean engine oil has sludge or grime that can increase friction and cause faster wear and tear of the engine components. Regular changing of oil and replacing of filters are the best way to keep the engine clean and safe. A cleaner engine runs smoothly, functions efficiently and has a longer lifespan. Moreover, it saves both your time and money.

Better fuel efficiency

The fuel efficiency of a vehicle is determined by a number of factors such as vehicle age, vehicle maintenance, environment, driving habits and terrain. When the vehicle is not properly maintained, the sludge build-up inside the engine causes friction, which adversely affects engine performance as well as fuel economy. Regular oil chance ensures that the engine always has clean oil and that your engine runs efficiency and offers better fuel efficiency.

Less vehicle emissions

Regular oil change means the oil remains clean, which ensures smooth and efficient functioning of the engine. This also means that the engine releases less exhaust compared to a dirty engine. When you fail to change your engine oil in a timely manner, it can cause a build-up of hydrocarbons inside your engine’s crank case. When these hydrocarbons get burned up, more of them are released through exhaust. Changing the oil on a regular basis help you easily pass the emission test and also helps the environment by polluting less.

Regular, scheduled oil changes are a must for optimum operation of your engine. It is not something you can ignore as it can cause various problems as listed above. Check your vehicle manual and make sure you get the oil changed at regular intervals as recommended by the manufacturer. Also, the oil change is normally accompanied by a multi-point inspection of the vehicle, which helps identify any problems and their timely repair.

If you’re late with an oil change no worries. We have technicians ready and able to help you.

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