What is an Emission Test and Why it is Important?

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Vehicle Emissions Test

Why an emission test is necessary

The quality of air we breathe is extremely important for our health and well-being. Each one of us can make a positive difference to the air quality through small actions. For example, vehicle emissions are responsible for increased pollution levels. Ensuring that your vehicle is not polluting the environment can be a step in the right direction. An emission test is one way to ensure this.  

Emission testing of your vehicles is important for you, your vehicle and the environment. The test indicates the pollutant levels your vehicle is emitting in order to comply with the standards established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

What exactly is emission testing?

Emission tests are standard tests that measure exhaust emissions for different types of vehicles and engines. The test reveals how much pollution your vehicle is producing. It indicates the levels of pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide, emissions from evaporation, and hydrocarbons.

The test is a way to ensure that your vehicle emissions are within the EPA standards and that its negative impact on the environment is limited.

In Connecticut, an emissions test, commonly known as a smog test, is required for all vehicles except those exempted by DMV. The exempted vehicles include Vehicle models 2018 and newer, vehicles powered exclusively by electricity, vehicles model 1996 and older, and some more.   Your vehicle must pass an emission inspection every two years. The DMV sends a notice within 45 days of your emissions inspection date, so make ensure that you have entered your latest address on the file.

Why is emission testing important?

Vehicle emissions impacts our environment in several ways. It is a leading cause of global warming, damage to the ozone layer, and environmental damage in the form of acid rain, air pollution and water pollution. Particulate matter emissions from diesel engines also cause health problems such as respiratory illnesses and allergies. Emission testing ensures that your vehicle’s impact on the environment is limited.

With periodic emission testing, you can be assured that your vehicle is safe and is running efficiently.

How to prepare your vehicle for an emission test?

There is nothing much you can do to prepare your vehicle for an emissions test or to ensure that it passes the test. However, there are some steps you can take to make the process smooth. If you have had the batteries replaced recently, wait for about a week before going for an emissions test. 

Batteries that are new and overproducing may cause an increase in emission due to intense ignition sparking. Allowing it sometime to settle into the system will ensure that the test results are not impacted by this.

It is also advisable that you drive the vehicle for about 15 minutes before taking it for emission testing. This warms up the engine and it is easier to detect any emission problems. Also, you should also leave the vehicle running while you wait for the test so that the exhaust flow is regulated. While doing so, keep the radio, internal lights and air conditioning unit switched off.

Does your vehicle need an emission test?

Call us to schedule an emission test. We not only perform emission testing, but we also carry out the necessary repairs in case your vehicle fails the test. We ensure that your vehicle runs efficiently and safely, and at the same time, it is environment friendly.

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