Signs That Your Car Needs new Shock Absorbers

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Shock absorbers

8 Signs to look for that new shock absorbers are needed.

The shock absorbers in your car affect the way it rides and handles on the road. When the shocks begin to wear, it can result in more than just a bumpy ride. It can also have some serious safety implications. Driving with bad shocks can increase your stopping distances especially when the roads are wet and slippery. So, it is important to recognize the signs of bad shocks to determine if and when you need new shocks on your vehicle.

Noises from under the car

Any strange noise from your vehicle could be a sign of a potential problem. If the shock absorbers becomes loose, they would bounce around and knock against things when driving. In case you hear noises coming from your suspension while driving, you should stop because it can cause damage to other parts such as the brake system.

Worn shock absorbers will create a bumpy ride

The most common tell-tale sign of bad shock absorbers is a bumpy ride. The primary goal of shocks is to prevent the amount of suspension movement. Ideally, your car should be able to withstand a certain amount of movement but if you are experiencing shakiness or bumpiness when driving, your shocks are the likely culprit.

Handling issues

If you notice any handling changes in the car, you should have the shock absorbers checked by a professional. When the shocks begin to wear, they tend to develop some play in them and they transfer vibrations to the chassis of the car. When the shocks are working fine, they absorb these vibrations. Also, bad shocks can change the way your vehicle handles corners. It can cause the car to lean or roll over on the suspension when you try to negotiate a corner, especially when driving at high speeds.

Steering issues

Poor steering response is among the most common signs people notice when their shocks begin to wear. If you notice that your vehicle’s wheel has become stiff or hard to turn, and you get strange noises when turning the wheel, you may need new shocks on your vehicle.

Braking problems

When shocks are damaged or worn, you may notice instability or a nose-diving sensation. You may lurch forward while braking. All these are signs that you need to have your shocks checked by a professional.

Rocking and rattling over bumps

If your vehicle rocks or rattles when you go over an uneven surface, it is likely that your shocks are worn and in need of replacement. Rocking and rattling can put a lot of pressure on other parts of the vehicle, which can lead to further damage.

Uneven tire tread wear

If you see bald patches or uneven wear on your tires, it could mean that your tires are not making optimal contact with the road. This could be a result of worn or damaged shocks.

Leaking shocks

Shock absorbers are filled with oil and have a rod passing through a seal on the top. This seal can begin to leak over time and the oil can seep out. When this happens, the shocker can no longer work the way it should. If you see brownish fluid/oil around the shocks or suspension, let a mechanic check if the shocks are leaking. If yes, you will have to replace the shocks.

Maintaining your vehicle’s shocks can prevent long-term damage to your car and make your rides safe and smooth. If something is causing your car to handle poorly or ride rough, let our technicians have a look. You can trust our team for all your car needs.

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