Tips To Make Your Transmission Last Longer


Your car’s transmission is one of its most important components. It is responsible for transferring power from the engine to the wheels and also determines your vehicle’s performance. Transmission is easy to maintain but very costly to replace. If not maintained properly, it can easily get damaged and may require costly repairs or even replacement.

Here are some tips that will help your transmission work efficiently and smoothly and prolong its life:  

Keep an eye on the transmission fluid levels 

It is important to check the transmission fluid levels on a regular basis. Most of the transmission troubles are caused by low fluid levels or dirty transmission fluid. Low fluid levels can cause the vehicle to overheat, which can lead to several other issues. So, it is important to check the fluid levels once a month in order to avoid any major issues.  

Avoid overheating 

Heat can cause a lot of damage to your transmission. When you put unnecessary stress on the system such as by hauling heavy loads or driving long distances on a very hot day, it can cause overheating. So, whenever you are driving in very hot weather, keep an eye on the engine temperature gauge. If you feel it is too hot, pull over for a few minutes and allow it to cool.  

Warm up your vehicle 

As we said in the previous point, the temperature is your transmission’s worst enemy. If the transmission fluid is cold, it can slow down gear engagement. So, in cold weather, you should warm up your car for a couple of minutes before engaging the gear and keep slow for the first couple of minutes.  

Routine maintenance 

This is probably the most important step in prolonging the life of your vehicle’s transmission. Each year, you should have an auto technician inspect the transmission. They will look for leaks or any other problems that may affect its performance or turn into something more serious in the future.

They will also check the transmission fluid and see if it has the right color and smell. Most car manufacturers recommend a transmission fluid change every 15,000 miles. In case your vehicle has to do heavy-duty work such as driving in hilly terrain, you may need to replace the fluid more frequently.  

Do not drive with your foot resting on the brake 

If you want your transmission to last longer without giving you any trouble, you must keep your foot off the brake. A lot of people keep their foot resting on the brake out of habit. This can put unnecessary stress on the engine and transmission, and it can wear out faster.  

Take care of your engine 

Your engine and transmission work in tandem. If the engine works harder, the transmission has to work harder. So, regular maintenance of your engine is important to keep the transmission working efficiently. You should also ensure that the cooling system is working properly because engine overheating can cause damage to the engine as well as the transmission.  

Do not ignore the warning signs 

If you think your transmission is showing signs of trouble and needs repair, you should take your vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible. Timely identification and repair of the problems can save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run.  Look out for signs of transmission problems such as unusual noises such as grinding noises or rattling, or difficulty shifting gears.  

Let our technicians have a look if you notice transmission problems in your car. You can trust our qualified team for all your car needs. We guarantee quality service at a cost that you can afford.


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