Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle For A Long Road Trip

Preparing a vehicle for a long trip

6 Tips For Preparing A Vehicle  For A Long  Trip

Traveling is the most rewarding and exciting activity one can pursue. A long road trip can be a stress buster, helping you rewind and explore the world around you. To ensure that your trip is smooth and enjoyable, you should ensure that your vehicle is in top-notch condition. 

You don’t want to stand deserted in the middle of nowhere because of a breakdown. Preparing a vehicle for a long trip in advance can make your journey hassle free and enjoyable.  Here is a list of some of the most important things you need to do when preparing a vehicle for a long trip:

Check your batteries

A dead battery is the last thing you want to encounter while on a road trip. So, when preparing a vehicle for a long trip remember to check your car batteries and make sure that they are fully charged.

Check the date mentioned on your battery and see if the battery is more than five years old. If the battery is old and there are other signs of a failing battery, such as difficulty starting the car, replacing the battery before the road trip might be a good idea.

Inspect the tire tread.

You need good quality tires for a safe and comfortable drive. Tire treads allow your tires to grip the road safely and provide proper traction. It channels water away from the tires and enables the vehicle to stay in contact with the road even when it rains. When the tire treads are worn down, it becomes hard to control the vehicle, especially when the road is wet.


Wheel alignment and balancing

Many people believe that wheel balancing and alignment should be done after and not before a road trip. On the contrary, if you are going on a long road trip, you should have the wheels aligned before the trip so that you save on tire wear. In case you travel on unsealed roads during the trip, you should have the wheels aligned again after returning from the trip.


There are some essential fluids that you need to maintain at optimum levels for your vehicle to run properly. When preparing a vehicle for a long trip, check the coolant level by opening the radiator cap, and if it is not near the top of the reservoir, you need to top it off. Motor oil is another critical liquid that you need to check. Pull out the dipstick and check that the level should be between the low and high marks.

Your power steering fluid should also be filled to the top (check under the hood on the passenger side). The transmission fluid should be at the optimum level and should not be too dirty or smell odd. If it is, you should replace it.  Finally, you should check your brake fluid level as low levels can affect your brake’s efficiency and lead to accidents.

Change the air filters.

One of the necessary steps in preparing a vehicle for a long trip is to change the air filters. Dirty air filters can prevent fresh air from entering your car and the engine.

Apart from making the inside air stale and dirty, it will also affect your engine performance. The fuel consumption will increase. So, you should have the cabin and engine air filters changed before you set out on the trip.

Keep a roadside survival kit.

Ensure that you have a survival kit in your car. It should include emergency tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, a flashlight, a spanner, and of course, a spare tire. Do not forget to pack a first aid kit. You can also keep a reflective warning triangle, flares, a spare mobile phone, and a power bank.

If you are going on a long road trip, we recommend bringing your vehicle to us so that we can check if everything is fine and prepare your vehicle for a long, enjoyable, and safe trip. We can also provide detailed guidelines to prepare a vehicle for a long trip. 

Prepare a vehicle for a long trip

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